Monday, June 15, 2009

Big boy!

So Cayden had a very busy weekend for such a little guy.

Saturday, we got up early and were out the door by 9. We met Rachel J. and headed to the Heritage Days festival with her mom & grammy. We walked around for a few hours - Cayden had a snow cone - some guy tried to tell me how to dress my child and stole Cayden's binkie...

we left Heritage Days (I officially had only bought that one snowcone - amazing I know!) and headed home. I called my mom and they were headed to Heritage Days - so I turned around and back we went. This time, I bought a little more. We had a fresh squeezed lemonade (Yummy!) and some kettle corn. Then we went to my parents and had some sausages. Cayden showed us that he can climb stairs...

and then we went swimming! Cayden loved it! My mom bought him this cute "pool patrol" floatie.

Sunday - we went and looked at the rental property. I think it went very well - more to come on that perhaps. Cayden spent some quality time with Nana.

Then we drove aroudn looking for a lawn mower. never found one. Instead, we decided we're buying two new tires for the Durango - since I've had a flat three times this week :(

Aroudn dinner time, David's family came over and we had a bonfire and a little cookout. THe babies played and had some fun... Cayden danced;)

Well I suppose that is all for now. I will add pictures to the post later - my desktop crashed and Ican't get the pics off my camera onto the laptop. We ordered a new desktop but it won't be delivered til next week!

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