Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just Another Week

So here it is Thursday already. We've had a fairly boring week here in the Riddle house. On Tuesday, David and my dad went to look at some rental properties. It was pretty much a waste of time - they were all crap. They said one smelled so bad they couldn't even stand on the porch. Gross!

Last night, I went and got my hair cut...again. Three weeks ago - I got my hair cut into like a bob - like Victoria Beckhams. I was sooo nervous about it but it turned out pretty good. In three weeks, it grew UNCONTROLLABLY! So I had to go get it trimmed up. And the girl freakin ruined it! It's horrible. Oh well.. My hair grows quick. Good thing.

Cayden, I guess, is sick. He's had the green apple splatters for two days. And last night, he had a fever of 101.4. So I gave him some Tylenol and it came down. He is getting some more teeth - so the fever may be from that - I'm not really sure.

I'm really hoping that this is the month for baby #2. We've been trying, unsuccessfully for a few months now. I have a few symptoms - but sometimes I think I convince myself I have symptoms lol. We shall see. It took me a LONNNNNNNNG time to get a positive when I was pregnant with Cayden. My beta levels don't go up as quickly as they are supposed to.

I guess maybe I should explain why this blog is called Shh! Baby Sleeping! Well - I was looking for something sort of interesting - not just my name. And then I saw this little wooden sign my sister in law had given me. It's blue with vintage white letters that says "Shh! Baby Sleeping!" I have it on a shelf in my living room. And then when I thought about it - the only time I have a chance to blog is when Cayden is sleeping and every one is tiptoeing around trying not to wake him. I felt it fit...

We are going to look at another rental property on Sunday. Hopefully this will be a good one. I'm hoping....

Well I am running out of ideas to write about today. Apparently I'm not very creative! lol.

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